You’ve got too much junk, don’t you?

You’ve got too much junk, don’t you?

Well, I realized I do. We moved this past week from one house to another and it was a real pain in the neck. And the knees, the arms, and the back. I’ve got bruises and cuts galore.

I hate moving, and after 18+ years of squirreling spare car parts away, I realized it’s time to start lightning my heavy metal load a bit. Did I really need to hang onto old, worn out stock parts I pulled off cars when I customized them? Seriously, is any potential buyer gonna ask for the original front spring off my ’39 Merc when I sell him the car someday? Probably not worth the busted knuckles of dragging it around. Stock flathead intake, one beat up and dented Caddy valve cover, and random bits from old cars I never had. Don’t get me wrong, I’m keeping the spare ’40 Ford brakes, the rebuilt 50’s GM alternator, 49 Lincoln side spears and the ’32 Commercial grille shell. It’s just time to really evaluate what should go up for sale, what goes on the storage shelf, and what’s just worthless junk worth less than the pain of hauling it around.

Maybe I should have done that *before* we moved. Yeah, that woulda been smart, huh?… Did I mention that I hate moving?

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