Gus And His Model Garage

Gus And His Model Garage

“Gus Wilson was the main character of the series and part owner and master mechanic of the Model Garage.  A thoughtful man, respected in his town, Gus was never without his common sense and trusty pipe.  You could always tell when he was pondering possible solutions to a complex problem as he became quiet and lit up the famous pipe.  That process was usually follow by the exclamation “I’ve got it” and then we were treated to the solution and the logic behind it.”

KCTA Chris sent this over to me the other and I figured you guys would get a kick out of it… A guy named Mike Hammerberg fell in love with the character of Gus and the stories he told in old Popular Science Magazines. So much so, that he and his secretary transcribed all 529 of his stories and created a website. Now, we can all read them… This is pretty great.

Check it out.


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