Baileigh Tech Week Is On…

Baileigh Tech Week Is On…

The fellas at Baileigh Industrial have been bugging me for weeks to do another tech week. I finally relented last week, but things took a turn for the ugly over the weekend. Shane wanted to keep it simple by offering a single winner  $1000 in Baileigh Bucks, but his colleague (who will remain nameless) was adamant that we give away $500 to the two best entrants instead. I was as neutral as Sweden.

One thing lead to another and the next thing I know I was witness to a savage beating. I tried to pull Shane off his co-worker, but I was overpowered by his fierce determination. After awhile, it became pretty damned obvious that Shane is passionate about his tech weeks and there was no way in hell that any of his were gonna change his mind. Eventually, the violence stopped.

So yeah… The winner of this tech week will get $1000 in Baileigh Bucks. If that’s a problem with anyone, take it up with Shane… Good luck with that.

The rules are pretty simple. Nothing has changed. You fellas have two weeks to put your entry together. Once done, post your tech piece on the H.A.M.B. and on September 12th, we will start the voting. After a week of voting, the winner will be announced.

That winner will then be given $1000 in Baileigh Bucks in which he can put towards anything that Baileigh sells, including their brand spanking new bead roller or their shrinker/stretcher.

Video of the bead roller can be seen here. Video of the shrinker/stretcher can be found here. But don’t let us lean on ya too hard – If you win, you can spend your dough anyway ya like at Baileigh.

Good luck fellas…

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