How To Be A Hot Driver

How To Be A Hot Driver

Throughout the 1950’s, Fawcett Books put together small format annuals that looked in depth at things like customs, sports cars, and hot rods. In 1953, they released a book titled “Best Hot Rods.” It’s a glorious publication edited by Ray Gill who’s forward begins with, “This is not a book to read and throw away. It’s been designed for a permanent slot in your bookcase.”¬†Over 50 years later and it’s in my bookcase – how bout that?

Anyway, one of my favorite articles in the book is written by Bill Hewitt and is titled, “How To Be A Hot Driver.” Bill cornered three drivers for the article – each with his own expertise. Kenney Arnold (of Edelbrock fame) represented drag racing. Tom Ritchie covered stock car driving. And my favorite hot rodder of all time, Mal Hooper (spelled “Mel Hooper” in this publication), gave his words of advice on land speed racing. All three are champs, not chumps…

I am completely aware that some of these vintage articles are hard to read. This one is not… Sure, at times it has a cheesy vintage tone, but the quotes more than make up for it. Read this article. Seriously. You’ll be glad ya did.


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