Teenage Thunder!

Teenage Thunder!

I’ve been on an old movie kick lately. Two nights ago, I obsessed on Paul Newman films and stayed up until 3:30 AM watching movies like The Hustler and Winning! Last night, I dipped into the shifty world of 1950’s era B-movies. I started with Hot Rod Hullabaloo (wow, is that a terrible movie) and ended with one I had yet to see – Teenage Thunder.

Teenage Thunder is the story of a young gas station attendant that is obsessed with hot rods. But, of course, his old man is adamantly against the hoodlum lifestyle of going fast in hopped up jalopies. You can guess where it all ends up… And like all of these old and admittedly terrible movies, there really isn’t much of a solid plot worth considering. There is, however, great footage of hot rods going fast.

But don’t take my word for it – As luck would have it, the entire flick is available online. I hope you have an hour and change available, because you are gonna need it.

Click here to get it on.


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