It was a really laid back day for Keith and me. I set up the booth in a nice shady/secluded area next to Tardel’s and we just kind of hung out and bench raced with anyone willing to shoot the shit for a minute or two. I met all kinds of folks and had a great time doing so.

One of the highlights was meeting the guys from the Burbank Choppers. I have always admired their cars and meeting the folks behind them was not a disappointment. Like minds man… Plus, they hooked me up with a copy of “The Electroline Diaries” and I’ve been eye deep in it ever since. Full review coming soon.

Having a booth does have it’s costs though… I didn’t walk the show once and really regret it, but don’t fret it – the H.A.M.B. has ya covered with plenty of pictures from the event.

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