Obscure Shoebox

Obscure Shoebox

I love Custom Cars Magazine. I think my favorite feature column in these old magazines is the “Styling Studio,” but there are gems to be found all over those little books. This morning, I was flipping though the June, 1958 issue and ran across this little shoebox Ford in the “Reader’s Custom” column. It was built by Lloyd Hammond of Rialto, California.

The car actually looks fairly mild until you notice the bulge out back due to the heavily worked ’52 Chrysler fenders that swoop back into the ’55 Packard taillights. Damnit, I love ’55 Packard taillights. Surprisingly, the top is chopped three inches and the body channelled an additional four. The proportions are still there.

Detail work consists of a ’53 Ford windshield craftly grafted into the chopped top as well as a tastefully done custom grille made from a pair of ’49 Ford grilles. It all just sort of works together which is rare for a later 50’s full custom… Somehow, Lloyd showed mindful restraint while letting it all go at the same time.

And the coolest part? Just prior to his feature in Custom Cars, Lloyd took the car on a 6000 mile road trip around the country. I’d love to have more pictures of this car. Anyone out there remember it?


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