Tardel/Cochran Tach Mount

Tardel/Cochran Tach Mount

You might remember me asking about column mounts a few months ago. I have a super cool and vintage Sun rev counter that needed positioning and I just couldn’t figure how to work around it’s odd shape. I knew they looked good mounted in dashes, but had never seen one mounted on a column. After posting my circumstance, a buddy came calling.

The ultra talented Casey Cook machined up the mount above out of aluminum. Once finished, he took to the piece by hand to round the corners and soften the edges. I put about 2 minutes in personally with the polishing wheel and the end result looks perfect… The light polish and softened edges give the piece a cast look that fits right in with my period interior. Pictures don’t do it justice.

I’ll be sure to post pics of the little tach installed and functioning soon.

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