The Unknown ’40

The Unknown ’40

The unknown ’40. I’ve loved this car since the very moment I picked up the December, 1957 issue of Rod & Custom Magazine. Sure, it’s a wild custom that goes against most of my own sensibilities, but the personality… the essence… of this car just grabs my imagination.

This isn’t a car for a choir boy or the starting quarter back. This is a car for the kid you don’t want your daughter to date because, most likely, the driver of this beast is some kind of an asshole. It’s channelled a full 7″ and slammed over the tires as if to say, “Screw you, I’m creepin’ while I’m sleeping!” There’s no conformance here – then or now. This kid is rebellious and his wheels just further express the part.

As you all know, a big part of me is just a black Ford guy. I’ve always felt that nothing expresses “evil intentions” as well as a subtle black Ford with the right stance. That’s who I am… I’m casual. I’m quiet. Every now and then though, it’s fun to fantasize about being someone else. Someone that can put on a pair of Clark W. Griswalds, starched jeans, and a wide a collar shirt and then absolutely rock a wild custom like this ’40.

FTW… But not in a stupid biker way.

It kind of amazes me that, to do this day, no one really knows who built this car. I guess that’s why they call it the “unknown ’40” – huh?

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