Ticket Stubs

Ticket Stubs

If money were no object, I think my life would be miserable. I’d literally have collections coming out of my ass. I’d have more cars than Texas could hold. I’d have a tether car collection to match. I’d have Leica camera gear that I don’t have the talent to use. I’d have enough military watches to outfit… well, a military. I’d have vintage toolboxes everywhere filled to the rim with old tools. I’d have… Everything! There simply isn’t enough time in the world to maintain such a portfolio of collections and my brain can’t even begin to process the thought of considering them all. I would go crazy. Bat shit crazy.

Life is so much easier in moderation. I like the idea of living simply. A fella should have one car to limit frustration and maximize specialization. A fella should have one watch, camera, tool box, etc… There isn’t a rational reason in the world to collect anything really. Doing so is just self brutalization – setting yourself up to lose money, sanity, time, and storage space.

We do it anyway. I don’t know why.

Lately, I’ve been studying vintage ticket stubs. I haven’t bought any yet and am working hard not to. I’ve just been collecting pictures of them. There is something just beautiful in their simplicity of design and function. It’s a piece of paper that says you belong… Somewhere. I love that.

Most that I have found granted entrance into the Indianapolis 500. I guess those are more common as thousands attended and budgets were more considerate. I’d like to find more to other events. Maybe you fellas have some shots of your own?

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