Winner, Winner… A Cheater’s Dinner…

Winner, Winner… A Cheater’s Dinner…

I think the bastard cheated. Oh sure, Matt claims to be from Riverside and he “says” he created those bumper guard taillights from scratch in the comfort of his own shop… BUT, I’m certain he’s actually from Detroit and works for one of those concept creation shops. I’ll bet he had millions of dollars worth of tools, a staff of hundreds, and an unlimited budget to work with. He’s fooled Baileigh and all of you, but not me. That little bastard cheated! I know it!

Even so, he wins the prize. He gets a $1000 to spend at Baileigh. I don’t know how he will be able to live with himself as he bends pipe with his new bender, cuts sheet metal with his new brake, or uses whatever tool he ends up getting for free simply because ya’ll are gullible. Damn this world and damn Matt!

To see the deception for yourself, just check out Matt’s winning thread here.


Special thanks to all of you that competed and to Baileigh for sponsoring the latest tech week. It was a good one… And I miss it already.

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