The Quest

The Quest

After monday’s post of the found footage, I got an email from Michael Brown. Michael has been making a feature documentary about the Le Mans Corvettes and the lives behind them – then and now. Through this correspondence, a couple of interesting tid bits have come to light:

1. Michael already had the footage we featured on Monday. He does not believe it was shot by GM, but possibly by a Cunningham family member that was just along for the ride. Ultimately, however, the source is still unknown.

2. Michael’s film, “The Quest,” is opening on May 6, 2011 in Carlisle, PA. This isn’t some cheesy car guy movie made with a shoestring budget and a few favors. It’s a real film made by a really talented film maker and story teller. Check out the trailer:

Feels right, doesn’t it? You can read more about the world premier of the film and buy tickets here.

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