The Dymaxion in motion

The Dymaxion in motion

I just saw this rare 1933 film clip of the Dymaxion with Bucky Fuller and Amelia Earhart doing a large-scale press event, presumably at the World’s Fair in Chicago that year. Ryan and others have written about the three-wheeled futuristic vehicle before, but footage of the ‘Max in motion (at the ’33 Worlds Fair no less) is pretty rare. I love the miniature display version of the chassis Buck is showing Amelia at the event, and his demo of the rear-wheel-steering turn radius. Obviously the car has serious aircraft influence (the aluminum teardrop body for instance), so maybe that’s why Ms. Earhart was present? It’s really a shame the car never got put into production, considering it sat 11 people, went 120 mph, and got 30 mpg. Way ahead of it’s time!

(don’t mind the techno tune- you can always mute the video)

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