Italian Body, American Bones.

Italian Body, American Bones.

The Fina Sport was a limited run, totally custom coupe and convertible made by Perry Fina of New York from 1953 to 1955. The idea was simple: Start with a modified 115 inch Ford chassis, add a 210 hp or 300 hp (2 x 4bbl) Cadillac 331 v-8 coupled to a bulletproof Hydramatic. Next step was to have Italian coachbuilder Vignale make a sleek, lightweight, all aluminum body, so you end up with the perfect combination of American V-8 power/ reliability matched with exotic but hopefully good looks. “An Exclusive Car to please the man of discriminating taste.”

The vehicles could be nicely optioned with full leather interiors, Borrani wire wheels with knock-off hubs, Continental mounted spare wheel, radio, heater, defroster, 6000 rpm tachometer, and fully adjustable airplane type reclining seats. Keep in mind that this baby ran $9800 in the early 1950s. The car also had optional power brakes, and with the  3.31 rear axle ratio, and an estimated top speed of 120+ mph, you probably needed them.

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