Tin Toy Hot Rods

Tin Toy Hot Rods

Two major things inspired me for this post today:

1. Ryan’s vintage tether car film clip from a few days ago

2. I’m typing this from Nurnberg, Germany where the most amazing toy fair in the world is happening right now. I just visited the Schuco showroom and drooled over tin open wheel grand prix cars with quick-change wheels and variable gearing. A few things are rapidly evident here: People all over the world still love old cars- Racing, customizing, and collecting cars (large or small) is happening across the globe. Also that quality, accurate toy cars made of metal are still very much loved and revered here in Europe. Although traditional hot rods are less the subject of children’s toys and more in the die cast collectors market these days, they are still alive and well. I’ve decided to post a few of the vintage stamped tin ones from the 50s and 60s that were coming out of the US, Europe, and largely Japan. Aimed solely at the American market originally, these sweet little machines are now loved around the world, much like their plastic counterparts of the same era… And sort of like the actual cars they were based on and we still drive today!



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