The Revolution is on!

The Revolution is on!

Well folks, the time is here. The Hot Rod Revolution is tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s already here. Steve, Will, Keith, and I have had our heads down working our asses off getting this thing together and time just seemed to fly under our noses. I haven’t even had time to get nervous… until now.

The Revolution is a pre-register only show, so if your car isn’t pre-registered then I’m afraid you are too late. However, spectators in the bunches are hoped for. It will be $10 at the gate to get in and you will be welcomed by a fine display of pre-48 traditional hot rods and some killer music. Here is a rough schedule:

10:00 AM : Gates open to spectators
11:30 AM : The Jungle Rockers
1:00 PM : Dale Watson
2:30 PM : Dave Gonzales & The Stone River Boys feat. Mike Barfield
4:30 PM : The Derailers
6:00 PM or so: The Power goes out

If you need help finding parking downtown, use this trusty map.

After hours, there are a ton of little events going down. The Meatheads are having a drive-in Saturday evening, the Continental Club will be bumping all weekend, and if you get here early enough on Friday, you can stop by the Speed Shop for an open house. And this just in – After the Speed Shop open house, drop by the Lucky Lounge to get your ears filled with the sounds of SOUL TRACK MIND.

It should be absolutely no problem to fill your schedule with fun shit to partake in this weekend.

I guess that’s it. Thunderbirds are go!

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