GM Performance’s So-Cal Bonneville Fleet…

GM Performance’s So-Cal Bonneville Fleet…

I had the extreme privilege of being invited to a press event on Tuesday night for the Cadillac ULC concept car, hosted at the GM Advance Design Studio in North Hollywood. They had great food, an ‘open studio’ policy, and best yet, they put out some of their finest design work from the past 10 years, conceived inside the concrete slab walls of the former bakery building. Over against the back wall of the property, they lined up their entire Bonneville attack fleet, including the 2003 So-Cal Lakester, the 2005 Ecotec Lakester, the stretched and chopped 2005 So-Cal HHR, and the 2004 SSR push truck. The original So-Cal belly tanker looked right at home with the red & white team clearly showing were they got the DNA. It’s rare that modern (race) car designs inspired by classic icons get it right, but I must admit that the GM Advanced Design/ So-Cal team got it quite right on this fleet.


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