In A Nut Shell…

In A Nut Shell…

As you might imagine, we get a ton of email here at The Jalopy Journal world headquarters. Most of it, I’m proud to say, is pretty damned positive and up beat. More than anything, it’s rewarding. I live by it. We do, however, field some negative comments as well. I got one recently from a fairly active writer/editor in the mainstream print world that I thought I would share with you guys. In the interest of legality, I won’t use his name and will instead call him “Janet” from here forward – not only in this post, but for the rest of my life.

Ryan, I’ve been reading your website for almost a decade. I’ve had enough. In the beginning, people used to worry about your site destroying the fabric of hot rodding. I blew it off thinking there is no way a simple kid could have so much influence. I shouldn’t have. You are well on your way to doing just that.¬†Well, maybe not you but the people you serve.

With a complete lack of appreciation for the men that brought this industry up, you have allowed the audience to speak their mind carelessly and recklessly. Hot Rod, Street Rodder, and Rod & Custom Magazines created this world for you and you allow your users to trash each on an almost daily basis. I can’t and won’t continue to read this trash and I want to warn you about the reputation you are leaving in your wake of destruction. While your users are spitting this trash from their mouths, it is you the print world blames for stealing our hard work.

In a nut shell, I ask you this. What is The Jalopy Journal to you? A way to “spread the gospel” or a toy for your “hoodlums?”

To us, it is not the beginning of the end. That is a promise.

– Janet

It’s an awkward email for sure and one I had to read more than once just to absorb. I often get blamed for the stuff you guys write on the H.A.M.B. and to be honest, that’s a responsibility I don’t always cherish. I do however take a great deal of pride in giving the power back to the audience, so I guess it’s a give and take. And as for the print world? I’ve said it many times, but The Rodder’s Journal is the best Hot Rod Publication ever published – print or online. And I have a collection of vintage print magazines that I would put up against just about anyone’s… Janet did get me on one thing though¬†– I don’t know much about the late issues of Street Rodder, Hot Rod, etc… They just aren’t my thing. I don’t read them and, as such, can’t comment to either side of the line.

Those accusations, however, were just setups. They were curve balls thrown low and to the outside by Janet in an effort to prepare me for the fast one – “What is the Jalopy Journal to you?”

I tried to answer. Honestly, I did. I even tried to put it in a nutshell of words and paragraphs, but it just didn’t work. I can’t tell you what The Jalopy Journal is to me. I can only show you. So, without further ado here it is:

Note: I’ve heard before that the only person that truly enjoys a video montage is the person that made it. Sorry.

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