The other ’32 3 window… The Plymouth PB Coupe

The other ’32 3 window… The Plymouth PB Coupe

It’s not very difficult to get excited about an all steel, chopped ’32 three window Ford. Proportionally, this ultra-desirable body style just screams HOT ROD COUPE! Unfortunately, its also one of the most hard to find and expensive cars a traditional builder can start with, even with the authentic steel repos that are now available.

The search for affordable, non-Ford 32 coupe projects has led down the road of Chevy, Buick, and many others, but I find the most successful (fendered) car aesthetically is the 1932 Plymouth PB business coupe. Now, a PA coupe looks good once the top is chopped, but the PB is already “chopped” 4 inches from the factory, including a gently sloped A pillar, rectangular rear window, and suicide doors that just look right. The beltline is similar to a 30/31 Model A coupe, but overall feel is very ’32. The only downside to building this car is if you want to go sans fenders. Fords of the 30s are beautifully and economically designed, and what made them behind the times then, is partially what make them great fenderless hot rods- Transverse leaf suspension. With no bulky parallel leaf springs out in front of the radiator shell, the profile stays compact and clean. You’ll need to swap out the frontend and channel the body to get the same look from your Plymouth.

They made FAR fewer of these Mopar beauties than the same year Ford 3W, yet they remain quite affordable, depending on condition. A quick search on the HAMB end elsewhere came up with some great images (including the nearly identical DeSoto), but please post your own PB coupe if you have one!

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