575 and Me… Jalopyrama or Bust!

575 and Me… Jalopyrama or Bust!

So the Jalopyrama is an event that I have always wanted to attend. The idea of hosting a super high quality car show inside a National Guard Armory is just brilliant. Damned brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that?

In any case, I didn’t… Some folks in Maryland did. And now, I’m dying to go. I haven’t been able to make it just yet, but Jeff Norwell did and he was so inspired by his experience that he demanded I feature his write up. Who am I to stop him?

Roll on Jeff:

When Opportunity Knocks, grab it!

So when I got a call from my pal Ken Schmidt… I did not hesitate.

Ken: Jeff, I need you to drive my car to the Jalopyrama. Keith can’t go and i am bringing George’s car.

Me: Uhh… O.K! (Are you frigg’in kidding me?????)

Truth beknown, I was on the fence/off the fence about going, cause my little hotrod was getting some nose repair and needed a steering box switch. I have heard such great things about the show and Mike S.(JalopyramaMike) is a pal and I felt terrible about letting him down with my truck not being there.

Anyway, I get to the Rolling Bones shop Late thursday and chit chat a bit. Ken then gives me the run down on the 575 and I get aquanted with my weekend mistress. Next Morning, we were all ready to go and off we went. I quickly became familiar with the old girl and we became one. The flatty purrs and shifting is effortless. I gotta tell ya, there is NOTHING finer than cruising in a hammered 32 3 window. Listening to the hypnotic exhaust and the pitch of a old Halibrand Quick Change – I was in Nirvana!

The trip down was killer and the only hiccup was George’s car needed a little pepper in the radiator to stop a small leak. We cruised 65-80 mph thru the east coast fall colors and it was a blast. I will never forget this experience with the Rolling Bones Crew.

Great guys… Great friends… Just a great time.

Anyhow, we pulled into the Armory about 3.p.m . The weather was fantastic – clear and sunny and about 70 degrees. As soon as we entered, we got a very cool vibe about this setting and what was about to go down. Every car there during set up was a gem…

We met Mike and the Rusty Nuts group and it was hospitality galore. I can’t say enuff about these guys and the great way they put on a killer show in an old Armory! It kinda looked like 1959 with the light streaming in the tall windows, no ropes, no barriers… walk up and get close and personal! The quality of the cars were outstanding. Some un-finished builds were trailered in, but these were under construction and were clearly for showing some killer fabrication skills. Outside on Saturday, the lot was filled to capacity and overflowing with just some rightous rides. The flea-market was tremendous as well.

My Hat is off to the Rusty Nuts and JalopyramaMike… This show show should be bookmarked and not missed!

And here, in random order, are some shots of all the fun:

– Jeff Norwell

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