Lost Hot Rods By Pat G.

Lost Hot Rods By Pat G.

So Pat Ganahl has a new book out titled, “Lost Hot Rods.” Essentially, it tells the story of a number of well known cars that were lost and later found. It’s a neat slant in that the book really focuses on the “hunt” more than the prize. As such, you get to learn how guys like our own Mr. Mark Moriarity found cars like the Rotar and the Trendero. Or how about the honorable Mr. Dean Lowe? Where the hell is his ’29 RPU these days? It’s in the book.

To be frank, I don’t do many book reviews anymore simply because nothing has really caught my attention the last couple of years. This one did. Pat’s writing is… Well, Pat’s writing… and it’s incredibly fun to catch up with a car you haven’t thought about in years and learn about how it was tracked down and restored. Here’s a brief a look at just some of the cars covered:

– Tweedy Pie
– Ivo’s T
– The X-Sonic
– Pollard’s ’29
– Chuck Porter’s Pickup (Yes!)
– Jimmy Summer’s Merc
– The Graffiti Impala
– Prufer’s Digger
– El Matador
– XR-6 Roadster
– The Pierson ’36 coupe
– and a ton of others…

It’s a worthy buy if you are into such things. Get yours here.


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