Simple Hot Rods

Simple Hot Rods

Simple Model-A Coupe

I have a soft spot for model-a coupes. There is just something so utilitarian about them when done right. I don’t necessarily think there is a formula to follow or a combination of parts to swear by, but there is certainly some commonality between the examples I am drawn too. Rolf is wrapping up a perfect example.

Every hot rod starts with stance. Rolf got his via ’32 rails with the typical center of gravity aides – split bones, dropped axle, reversed eyes, etc… Notice that he isn’t trying to out do anyone here. His tires are still properly located within the confines of the rear quarters and he is in no danger of tripping over any manhole covers up front. It’s low and raked, not slammed. The black wheels and whitewalls were a nice thought as well…

And that motor compartment? Perfect use of mechanics as art. By definition, model-a coupes should not be streamlined and simplified. They should be mechanical, clean, and purposeful. Rolf nailed it.

He nailed the paint and body too. The┬áright amount of chop for his stance covered by the perfect shade of “not quite red oxide” primer.

This one is a dreamer for sure.

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