Lost Art: Part 2

Lost Art: Part 2

For the last few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the lost art forms of our world and the people that fight so damned hard to keep them alive. Last week, I posted a documentary about some amazingly talented sign painters in New York City. The post was entirely “off topic,” but the essence of the message translated well to a lot of us that just love old shit – including cars.

This week, I was forwarded another example of a lost art and a man that refuses to let it go. That man is David A. Smith and he is a sign guy based somewhere out of England. This short video portrays him as a man that understands the value of hands, creativity, and craftsmanship. A man that understands that sometimes, things take time. Time, after all, is a pretty wonderful thing – right?

David doesn’t waste it. Check it out:

Note: Thanks Kaydub for the tip!


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