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Old 12-23-2008, 08:17 AM   #1
Ryan's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 1995
Location: Austin, TX
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Default Rex Burnett

Early this morning, I was sitting in the ocean waiting on a wave. To kill the time, I began to think about my post this morning. I don't know if it was the water, the cold temperatures, or my numb toes but something made me think about the beginning...

To read the rest of this blog entry from The Jalopy Journal, click here.
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Old 12-23-2008, 08:25 AM   #2
hugh m
Senior Member
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Location: ct.
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

Quite a body of work, always wished I could do that. Wouldn't the originals make a great show for a museum?
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Old 12-23-2008, 08:40 AM   #3
Old School HAMBer
JeffreyJames's Avatar
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Location: SUGAR CITY
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

Ahh this is a Christmas gift in itself. As I said in Chrisman entry, I love these Cut-a-way illustrations/technical masterpieces. Thank you for posting them all in one place.
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Old 12-23-2008, 08:45 AM   #4
Senior Member
ynottayblock's Avatar
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Location: London Ontario
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

JeffreyJames was it you that suggested that the rodders journal should start comissioning these for their features? Regardless one of the magazines has to start doing this again, I love cut-aways/technical drawings they are becoming a lost artform
at the end of the money,
there is still some month left
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Old 12-23-2008, 08:46 AM   #5
Jeff Norwell
Art Editor
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Location: Palookaville
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

The man was a fucking genius.
"I like HOT RODS."
"Now, go drive your Volvo...safely..."

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Old 12-23-2008, 08:57 AM   #6
Old School HAMBer
Django's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Forest Park IL
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

Those are unreal.

Were you serving the river in downtown Austin??
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Old 12-23-2008, 09:01 AM   #7
Alliance Member
Doc.'s Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Shreveport,LA.
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

Very cool. I wish I was setting in the ocean waiting on a wave.
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Old 12-23-2008, 09:03 AM   #8
Senior Member
31whitey's Avatar
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Location: Missoula, Montana
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

Haole...If your in the islands Im super jealous...N.S.?...you hanging with JACK J.

great drawings...
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Old 12-23-2008, 09:15 AM   #9
Grenade Inspector
MindsEye's Avatar
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada
Posts: 155
Default Re: Rex Burnett

Thanks for putting those up. I wasn't familiar with his work, but have always dug tech.illustrations, and now those are some of my favorites. I'm with Ynotta, mags should definately start that back up.
"Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine." Elvis
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Old 12-23-2008, 09:24 AM   #10
Old School HAMBer
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Location: NLR, Arkansas
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

Cool man, thanks!

BTW, where are you if your sitting in water waiting on a wave at Christmas? Someplace I would rather be I can tell you!
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Old 12-23-2008, 09:25 AM   #11
Big A
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Join Date: May 2001
Location: Niagara Canada. The deep south of the far north
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

I can stare at those images for hours. Amazing.
SFCC... we can do it ourselves.
(Canadians use thicker socks)

My shoebox build... http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=626123
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Old 12-23-2008, 09:30 AM   #12
Dan Hay
Alliance Member
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Location: Fort Worth TEXAS
Posts: 2,532
Default Re: Rex Burnett

Ryan, if you sold those as large, framable prints, I'd buy at least one. Something to think about.

Also, I'm curious, where exactly were you waiting on a wave?
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Old 12-23-2008, 09:51 AM   #13
Old School HAMBer
scottybaccus's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Hutto, Texas
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

Ryan, If you keep this up, I may have to buy a flatty.

My less than traditional side is clinging to more modern engineering, but you keep taking a bite out of my argument.

Shooting down dumb asses one S-10 frame swap at a time...

Tejas Malcontents, Hutto

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Old 12-23-2008, 10:00 AM   #14
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Harlowton, MT
Posts: 98
Default Re: Rex Burnett

Thanks Ryan.

As a young man with small pockets, I do not have a complete reference of Hot Rod Magazine. I always appreciate postings from the magazine and more specifically Rex Burnett goodies.


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Old 12-23-2008, 10:07 AM   #15
dragnut's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Beautiful Burbank, California
Posts: 429
Default Re: Rex Burnett

Great subject Ryan. Burnett drawings have always been bitchen to take in. Nice to see a ton of them in one spot in a digital way. Where you might be surfing seems to be the question of the post, but I will ask the real five dollar question. Where are all of the Burnett originals, and will they ever be available for purchase ala auction etc.? My guess is they are long gone or locked up in the Petersen archive. Anyone??
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Old 12-23-2008, 10:19 AM   #16
Alliance Member
SUHRsc's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Grantville, PA
Posts: 5,027
Default Re: Rex Burnett

thanks ryan,
I'm always studying those drawings.....
i was just last night thinking about another car project and decided that this evening i will dig out the hot rod magazines with the cutaways to look at a few certain details
saved me the effort and i can look from at work!


Early DIVCO - any condition
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Old 12-23-2008, 12:00 PM   #17
Senior Member
53chevy's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Ventura, Ca. --> Attending school In Riverside, Ca.
Posts: 1,569
Default Re: Rex Burnett

Love em'!!! His signature is down right beautiful!!!


Note: the last one is illustrated by Robert Thatcher. Is there a link to the two?
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Old 12-23-2008, 12:04 PM   #18
Senior Member
Aaron51chevy's Avatar
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Location: Auburn Hills, MI
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

I'll have to ponder those pictures, "sitting on a snowbank, waiting for the plow truck......"
1960 Chevy Brookwood

"It's not really your's unless you build it"

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Old 12-23-2008, 12:33 PM   #19
Grenade Inspector
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

Here is one from 1950 June HR.
1-3-4-2 & 1-2-4-3
I go both ways
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Old 12-23-2008, 12:41 PM   #20
Senior Member
Wesley's Avatar
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Location: Cedar Creek, Texas
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Default Re: Rex Burnett

"Early this morning, I was sitting in the ocean waiting on a wave."

Now that is just torture, I am here at work freezing my ya-ya's off, torture I tell ya. but the drawings are great.
Why is that an exercise in futility does not burn any calories?
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