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Old 10-06-2012, 04:49 PM   #1
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Default Funny 1st Ride Story

Took my 32 roadster out yesterday for the first ride. After I was confident all was running good a friend and I decided to drive down a main high traffic street. Was cruizing at the speed limit there was a police parked against a gas station building looking at the roadster THEN all of a sudden a middle age lady decides I'm not going fast enough (go figure) and passes me on the right in a breakdown lane. Guess what happened? YES he threw the lights and siren on and pulled her over at the next light. Yes I was nice and waved to her as I drove away.
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Default Re: Funny 1st Ride Story

similiar but different- driving to work- see a car coming fast but I have 3 cars behind me- all spaced out nice- car passes one- then tailgates- passes another and another- I can see a police car coming toward us as he passes yet another after tailgating- police makes a u-turn and waits for him- I wave as I go by- have anice day-
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Default Re: Funny 1st Ride Story

Ha - friend had his two toys at a big car show. wife drove his '34 Plymouth sedan and he his blown '32 roadster. wife wanted to drive roadster home, her first time behind the wheel. when the rear tires of roadster hit the pavement they just started spinning with lots of smoke. cop right there and pulled her over. as he walked back to his car she did the exact same thing. he just shook his head and got back in his car
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