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Default Re: DIY Spray On Chrome

while eastwood "Liquid" chrome may not be a good alternative to "Real" chrome as the "Spray" on chrome systems. one cant not say the same about Real quality Spray on chrome... when done properly it can be use as alternative for sertain pieces..

the correct process for "Chrome Paint" and "Spray On Chrome" are about the same. everything is on the "Prep" the glossy basecoat needs to be as perfect as glass, if not then forget about it. it just wont work right...

today I used the little bit of Innate Chrome paint I had left(Very little) on a red bike helmet so I didnt do the prep myself, it was done by the factory(they do it better than me). all I did was set the gun and spray away..


this is package I got last year

today´s empty bottle

the Helmet.(I did the side, then with little left and some lacquer thiner I did the rest of the helmet which didnt cover all)



while is true that I may be concidered a "Pro" on Chrome paint and chrome like coatings, you too can also achieve these type of results, if you follow the guidelines on how to do it. and practice and practice.