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Glad you too got home safe and sound. You had me worried about Norm, I hadn't heard that part of the story yet. Yeesh, that coulda gone bad...

Old cars are an adventure. As of dinner time last night, all 3 of my cars were not road ready. The 54 was loading up and running like crap, and wouldn't accelerate beyond about 40mph. The truck has an electrical gremlin that won't let it start. Short somewhere? And the rambler had a vacuum leak.

I got the 54 sorted with a carb tune and some new plugs. I got the Rambler sorted with some vacuum repairs to the carb. Runs great now. But, when I took it out for a test drive, the master cylinder started hemorrhaging fluid out the back. No brakes on the Rambler.

And, the truck still won't start. At least the '54 is running good again so Becky could get to work. And I'm here writing a book about this while a wait to bum a ride to the parts store...
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