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My first car was a '58 Thunderbird (White/B &W Interior) 1960. It was the cleanest, coolest car in the neighborhood at the time. Pix are in my Album Section. (Two of my buddies at the time who owned a '51 Ford Victoria, and, a '52 Plymouth Belvedere HdTp., literally drooled when they saw the fully-loaded 'Bird the first time.)

When I went to California in 1962 to visit my Aunt who lived in Fontana, she picked me up at the Riverside Airport. She, like me, was a car buff, had bought a '61 Bird (Tan/Beige Interior) brand-new.

After we loaded my bags in the car, she threw me the keys and said: "You're used to driving your 'Bird, let's try-out mine !". She let me use it for the rest of my vacation out there. Bless her heart, she only lived about a year longer...but she was THE B-E-S-T !! (And, after she died, someone stole the 'Bird, and it was never found.)

I also had a '66 Thunderbird (428 Q-Code/Fully Loaded) up until I got the '57 Dodge Coronet D-500 four years ago. But, yes, always a soft-spot for 58's & 61's. And, of course, I do love the 55's.

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