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Originally Posted by Curt Six View Post
We really are happy to hear that everyone had such a great time. I'm glad you brought up the parking garage, because I had forgotten about that. Living here in town I opted for my own bed at the end of each day over a hotel, but the rest of the TRJ crew was at the Waterfront Marriott. I met Steve back there around midnight Thursday night to take care of some last minute details for Friday. When I pulled in, it was like being in a museum. The garage was full of amazing cars and while there were plenty of people milling around, it was really quiet. I don't know if it was the late hour or what, but everyone was super low key - saying hey to friends or introducing themselves to others, detailing their cars, or just standing there and staring.

I spent a little time with Jack and Kathy Stirneman, who have ascended to the title of "nicest people in the world" in my book, and also met a guy named Brad who had driven this bitchin' little Model A down from Connecticut on his own (I saw him at every single cruise and event we had all weekend). It was just a neat vibe that continued throughout the weekend, and as much as we put into planning this thing, credit for that part of it falls 100% on the people and cars who were there.
Quit your sniveling... You folks did an exceptional job and deserve the credit.

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