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Default Re: Road Trip Revival: Part 3

This was a pretty surreal weekend for me for a lot of reasons. I'll probably go into that at greater length when I finally pull together my "thank you" to everyone on the HAMB that we owe one to (and there are quite a few). What I can say is that on more than one occasion, I looked in my review mirror and was pretty overwhelmed by what I saw. The first time was leaving the twilight photo shoot on Thursday night. As a custom guy, Lee Pratt and Tom Davison are heroes in my world. Seeing the two of them right behind me, slinking through the streets of my hometown in Lee's ' was hard to keep a smile off of my face. The second was leaving the first day of the show with those two Texas Rivs following me down I-83. It really meant a lot to us that you and Norm included us in your travels, and those Buicks looked damn fine running down the road. I'm glad to hear everyone made it home in one piece - it was really good to see you guys.
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