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Originally Posted by general gow View Post
Sometimes I forget that the time I spent with you guys wasn't your whole adventure. It's such a strange experience to have a few scenes together as the movies of our lives intersect on the same screen for a few moments.

I'm really glad I could help in the small way that I did. It feels good to use the space for something other than filling it with my own junk. This garage should be a crossroads for weary hot rod travelers. It's what I have it for. "Fill the space with friends and memories," someone told me, "they're the most valuable possessions you have." Sage advice from an anonymous wise man. Someday I hope I can impose on you in Austin. But it isn't why I did it. I did it for what was left behind when the Buicks rolled out of here. And it's way more valuable than any car could ever be.
Well said brother.
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