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Originally Posted by general gow View Post
Sometimes I forget that the time I spent with you guys wasn't your whole adventure. It's such a strange experience to have a few scenes together as the movies of our lives intersect on the same screen for a few moments.

I'm really glad I could help in the small way that I did. It feels good to use the space for something other than filling it with my own junk. This garage should be a crossroads for weary hot rod travelers. It's what I have it for. "Fill the space with friends and memories," someone told me, "they're the most valuable possessions you have." Sage advice from an anonymous wise man. Someday I hope I can impose on you in Austin. But it isn't why I did it. I did it for what was left behind when the Buicks rolled out of here. And it's way more valuable than any car could ever be.
You've got this whole "Mahayana" thing going on man... And I like it.

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