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Default Re: The 'Barn Find' is not dead my friend...

I think there are a couple of things that make it exciting. There's the treasure hunt aspect of it that is indeed exciting, but for me an even bigger thrill is uncovering a piece of the past that has been frozen in time. It's the closest you can come to time travel. It's almost a mystical experience when you begin to discover the mysteries surrounding a long dormant old car.

Being a musician I have had the opportunities to play instruments that are 100 or 150 years old and I marvel at the idea that the sounds that are produced are the exact sounds that would have been heard in a much earlier time. The same goes for the sound of an old engine, especially when you hear it for the first time. Something about it quickens my pulse. I think it's the idea that I have given life again to something that was quiet for so long and in the process it speaks to me across time. Voices from our fathers and grandfathers.

That might be corny, I know, but that's how it makes me feel. And, there's almost no better feeling.
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