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Default Re: Have you ever wondered?

The Roadster has actually been on here before but I don't remember the thread.

I'd always been told that suicide doors were called that because you could get hung up in them if you went to jump out of a car pending an accident. In the early 80's when I did them on my truck some old timer told me that they were dangerous because I wouldn't be able to jump out of the truck if it was going to crash.

I always figured the K thing came from George and left it at that.

My dad's not around to explain the tail dragger or flipper things but I think there is a photo in his stuff at my sisters of Lyle Browning's late 30 something with flippers on it in the 30's.
The were called "Indian blankets" around here before I ever heard of "Mexican" blankets. Dad always kept a Pendelton car robe "blanket" in his car that I believe my sister still has in her car. He didn't have it on the seat though. My 51 Merc came with a worn out Indian or Mexican blanket in 1963 when I was 16.
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