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Harry Miller, the greatest automotive genius America ever produced. Originated the Miller racing cars (176 MPH from 91 cu in, DOHC straight eight, supercharged, in 1925) which gave birth to the Offenhouser and Meyer Drake engines that were still winning at Indianapolis 40 years later. Built one of the first motorcycles in the US. Invented the outboard motor which he gave to his neighbor Ole Evinrude.

Even he didn't know where all his ideas came from. He believed they were put into his brain by some outside force, but he didn't know how or why.

Last race car he built was a similar looking rear engine Indianapolis racer in the forties. Twenty years before the rear engine cars came to dominate there.

Friend of Preston Tucker and gave Tucker the idea for his rear engine car.

He did all right until the Year of the Locust (1929). After that it seemed like America no longer needed someone capable of building such brilliantly conceived but expensive machines.
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