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Default Re: Hot Rod Orthodontic Office

Thanks guys, again, for all the positive words. That means a lot from the crowd that gets it, you know? I texted a good friend a pic of the caddy desk the other day after we unmasked it and he was stoked. He asked me, though, how many people I thought would get it. I told him 6, and they are not the folks that come by the office everyday....well, except for Duncan, as evidenced by his pic above with his Nomad parked up against my Merc. Funny story about that picture, though: the staff calls back to say Duncan is here, as is common. This time though, he doesn't stop in to say hello....pulls up, takes the pic and leaves. I laugh about that everytime I see that picture.

Ryan, that will be way cool to be a first one ever. I can't build a car nice enough (or fast enough) to make a feature. Probably help if I would actually finish one. LOL.

Hey dragdoc, how you doing? Actually, I do have a patient with that name. Small world!
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