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Default Re: Hot Rod Orthodontic Office

Originally Posted by 6inarow View Post
Did you have any help from a design guy? Carter? Unthank?
The interior and floor planning was done by a company that specializes in orthodontic office design (Green Curve Design). While the original concept and the look of the facades was my idea, they made it work. The outside was done by a local architectural firm. I told them the look I was going for, and this was their first draft. I saw the initial concept drawing and I said, "Build that!"

Originally Posted by buckd View Post
That is awesome to finally see it completed! I'll make sure Augie sees your post. I've got the picture you took of us at the downey Big Boy hung up in my shop Buck
Hey Buck, how you doing? I sent Augie an email this morning telling him I had new pictures up. Will you be going to the Stray Kat and Eureka, too? I gutted my Merc this weekend, so I will just be a spectator.

Originally Posted by straykatkustoms View Post
Dave, Kongrats on finishing your remodeling, your going to have to figure out when you
can give tours. Very kool!! Do you have saved parking for the Merc
So far as tours, see Duncan's post below yours. He is my full time tour guide. LOL. But, yes, the space under the awning where the Merc is in the picture was actually the idea of the architect thinking it would add interest to have that space just to park whatever old heap I drive to work in.

Originally Posted by arkiehotrods View Post
Mick, you know I'm the official tour guide! Just let me know when you'll be here!
Duncan Cox: Pastor, family man, good friend and tour guide. Sorry, that doesn't all fit on a little badge for your official vest, though.

Originally Posted by Abomination View Post
Just caught some of your hardware in the office - are you running MacPractice DDS?
Actually, we are a beta tester for a new office management program geared just towards orthodontists. Our billing and appointment schedule is a bit different than a regular dental office, so we have had troubles getting dental software to jive in the past. But, yes, we run all Macs...I love computers that work.

Originally Posted by Left Turn View Post
I was lookin' in the mirror this morning.. and I noticed my teeth are a little crooked. Can I schedule an appointment?
Sure! We'd love to have you. But, Nebraska is a smidge far to travel once a month for your adjustment. LOL
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