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Default Re: Hot Rod Orthodontic Office

Thanks for the compliments. It has been lots of work for the last three years and has consumed much of my free time....and that of my family. They have been great and I tried to be careful not to be crazy consumed with it and still put my family first. My wife says I'm not gonna be out in my shop anytime soon. Bummer....and my Merc needs brakes, wiring and a new steering set up.

HEMI32, yes, all that stuff is still in the office. The P-40 nose is actually on the wall above Larry's shop doing a fly over. If you look close in that picture, you can see it. The blue sky needs some clouds to make it pop, but that is a project for another day. The other stuff is scattered about. There are several showcases around that has lots of it. The soap box derby car is still here, just doesn't show in the pics. That was actually built by one of my first patients and she went to the Nats twice in it in two different divisions.

So far as a fancy office being a reminder of how much braces cost patman, that is not lost on me. In my case, I'm pretty sure I'm the least expensive guy in town and I don't live in a big fancy house and drive a Mercedes, Porsche, etc. (just driver quality and below old cars LOL). Rather than live like that, I invested it in an office the patients get to enjoy, too. Although, I recognize that is something that is not readily known, but I'm pretty well known in town and folks know how I live, so hopefully most of them get it.
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