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Default Re: Hot Rod Orthodontic Office

Well, here is the part that fits here on the HAMB most. My private office looks out onto the main treatment area and left a spot next to the Sinclair station that would make a perfect garage door space. Rather than make it a service bay, I thought doing it up as Larry Watson's shop would be cool. My dad's first in 57 was a mild custom 51 Merc, which certainly had a big influence on me. Another was getting the Grease Machines book for Christmas when I was in jr. high. That book, if you've never seen it, is loaded with Larry Watson paint jobs, as well as a spread on his Grapevine and panel painted '59 Caddy. I've had this sickness bad ever since. So, in tribute to Larry (I finally got a Merc in tribute to my dad...fortunately he is still here to enjoy it with me), I built his shop and his Caddy for a desk looking out the shop bay. With the help of Rik Hoving, I got a picture of Larry's shops (the blue diamonds are actually from a later shop) and projected them on the wall for templates then proceeded to paint and hand letter it all. I'm not going to take lettering up for a living!

The Caddy desk was finally reassembled last week and still has some details that need done....cabinet doors, paint some bare wood black, etc., but it's pretty much there. I wish I had some better pics of it, but it's mucho heavy and has to be assembled in place and can't be moved back from the wall to take some good pictures all the way around. Also, the candy and pearl white looks great outside, but alas, it will never be outside. The sun shines though my office window and hits it in the mornings, though, so I get to see it "right" occasionally.

Well, there you go for anyone who is interested. I'm no Moriarity or Scary Larry...those guys got the spreads. But, it makes for a fun place to work. Now, if I can get my shop cleaned out from building all this mess, maybe one day I might actually finish a car. Wouldn't that be something? LOL

Something like this does not come off with just one guy. I really got to thank some folks who without their help and input this would not have happened. First is my wife, certainly,. She has been very patient and indulgent and most helpful with ideas. My dad who is the reason I am a car nut and who helped figure this crazy furniture mess out. I had a great building crew who at first doubted a Dr really knew anything about building anything, much less something they hadn't seen done before. They gave me a lot of rope. Toadfrog here on the HAMB is one of the bodyshop instructors at the local high school. He got the kids to help with bodywork when I got in a time crunch, spray some primer and he sprayed the color on the front desk and the paint on the Watson desk. I am a blessed man.
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