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Awesome image to start on Norwell. I've finally got some new pictures to show.

The first is a print I made for a Blodhound SSC art show. It features all the official land speed record holders (it was hard to leave out a lot of great cars because they set 'unoficial' times - perhaps I'll do another version sometime celebrating all the attempts). I wanted to highlight how the size and shape have changed over the years and so they are as close to the correct size in relation to each other as I could get them. The Bloodhound Land Speed Project's main aim is to inspire a new generation of engineers, we're rapidly running out of them in the UK - so a lot of the design and simulation work is being done by colleges and universities, it's all open source and there are education officers being sent out to schools to get younger school children interested in the science behind it too. Beating 1000mph is number 3 on the list of goals! In order to help fund the Education Programme I'm donating half the profits from the prints. Hope you like it...

Here's a close up...

As well as that I've recently got an iPad and have had a great time trying out all the different drawing apps. Here's some bellytankers done in adobe ideas...

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