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Default Re: Vintage shots from days gone by!

Originally Posted by Mazooma1 View Post

dad took this photo in the late 1930's...a plane was having mechanical problems, so the guy landed on Baldwin Ave. He fixed whatever the problem was and then the cops blocked off the street so the guy could take off again. Here some of the locals were guiding the plane around a corner to get it to face the right way....

Back then, people would just help a guy out when something like this happened.

Nowadays, the plane would be impounded, the pilot would get a ticket, the mechanic would be sued, the neighbors would be complaining about having to detour a couple blocks, and the city council would use it as an excuse to annex the nearest small airfield.

I think maybe this is why I like old stuff; it's a connection to a time - and a mindset - that's long gone.

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