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Default Re: Photos taken before WW2 - history in black and white

Originally Posted by jimi'shemi291 View Post
SWI, any story behind all those beat-up cars?
Or, is it simply that they were all in accidents?

I like the period moralizing and use of GUILT in this old ad !!!
GREAT stuff, SWI!
They were just cars in accidents, and that the photo's survived.
Looking for old pictures you run across certain sites, like I search for Buffalo related pictures and fiind a treasure trove.
Especially cars built in Buffalo like the Babcock, Pierce Arrow, Thomas, Atterbury, etc........
Also the Rochester Kodak Museum Archives is another. almost any town has an historical society, or museum.
Search the areas you are familiar with, and dig deeper.

Isn't the internet fun!
So many cars, so little time.........................
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