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Jul 28, 2014 at 8:23 AM
Nov 16, 2002
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formerly Crooks, South Dakota and now Prescott, AZ
Blue Collar Union Worker - Retired November 1, 200

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      Jerry,I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I had no idea you had sent me a couple of issues of the Gazette until about 20 minutes ago.

      My granddaughter had gotten the mail out of the box and carried it down the hall to her bedroom when she stays with us.
      last week

      I enjoyed see the Deuce Run featured in the Midwest Deuces Deuce Gazette.

      Thank you, Danny
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    formerly Crooks, South Dakota and now Prescott, AZ
    Blue Collar Union Worker - Retired November 1, 200
    A collection of old Fords: nine '32s, a '34 3W, a '40 COE. More details of them in my biography.
    Editor of the Mid-West Deuces "Deuce Gazette" and the Lake Area Roadsters
    I have been a gearhead since I was a little kid and I'm 61 now. I grew up on a farm so I was driving as soon as I could reach the pedals on anything with a motor. My first car in '67 was my brother's old '51 Ford with a flathead that I put duals and a two deuce Fenton manifold on, then a '57 Chevy with a Crane Cam and two fours that I worked on every minute and spent every penny I had on (and almost lost my driver's license with), and finally a '51 Chevy with a straight axle and a tilt front end. The South Dakota Highway Patrol finally made me park it because it wouldn't pass SD Safety Inspection (in their opinion). Then I got my first motorcycle in '71 and promptly got nailed by an old lady's right rear quarter panel which gave me enough money to build a basket case '50 Panhead chopper (seeing Easy Rider in '69 was my inspiration). That was fun until I got drafted into the Army and spent the next two years in Germany. My girlfriend, Jan came over and we got married over there and spent our free time seeing as much of Europe as we could on Army pay in a Fiat 600. We are still married 40 years later and she is into the cars almost as much as I am. After getting out of the service in '74, I started working in motorcycle shops building and repairing bikes and selling parts. I got hooked on racing on short tracks, half miles and eventually scrambles and motocross and ended up trail riding (with my friends it was more like trail racing). Eventually I wised up before I hurt myself and got back into hot rods in '95. I've been totally obsessed ever since. My first car then was a '57 Nomad (which I just sold), then a Gibbon bodied '32 Roadster hiboy roadster that I finished in 2000 and put over 53K on it (which has also been sold last December). Deuce fever took hold really bad and now have 9 more steel Deuce's: a restorod 3W, an original gennie 5W with 55K, a hot rod 5W with a tunnel rammed SBC 355, Muncie 4 speed (apart for paint now), a flathead powered 5W project, my wife's restored Model B Roadster, my Deuce pickup with a SBC 350/T350, a Brookville Roadster project, a chopped Cabriolet project (see the Tree Car post), and a nice Fordor with a 2" chop. I also have a sweet old gennie '34 3W driver and a '40 Ford COE cab with a Chevy crewcab dually frame. Some drive, some just run, most are projects, and all need work!! Anyway that's my life!

    Update: In 2010 we sold our home and moved to beautiful Prescott, AZ for the great climate and a location closer to all the fun stuff I like to do. We built a new home and I'm building another workshop/garage right now. We are still moving the rest of my collection of stuff down here and hope to be done this year.


    Editor of the Mid-West Deuces "Deuce Gazette"
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