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Oct 24, 2014 at 6:48 PM
Jan 2, 1995
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Feb 7, 1976 (Age: 38)
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Austin, TX
Hot Rod Media

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, 38, from Austin, TX

Staff Member

My god... My ass is on fire! Aug 20, 2014

Ryan was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Oct 24, 2014 at 6:48 PM
    1. timwhit
      Ryan: Hate to bother you but when I get on a thread, the box at the bottom for replying/posting is not working. Is it on my end? Thanks for your help...Tim
    2. typo41
      Interesting Speedway/HRW Both and have excellant people. What you brought to the table was something to make members read and comment. It has seemed like for some time JJ was real quiet, not much happening, not much to read. I talked to some HAMBer's at Bonneville they mentioned that it seems like they lost thier rhythem with the change. Hopefully this will bring some 'energy' back to JJ. Redacted to fit
    3. jckc
      Hi Ryan! Anyway to edit the title of a post? I have an ad posted to the cars for sale and I meant to put 63 1/2 , not 64 1/2 as the year. Thanks.
    4. flyboys101
      How do I private message you? Need to ask a question without the entire Hamb lighting me up. Thanks
    5. Ryan
      My god... My ass is on fire!
      1. gwhite
        Jalapenos for lunch, huh?
        Aug 21, 2014
    6. AA/FA 701
      AA/FA 701
      ryan, what happened??? why would you delete my add????
    7. peters51
      Hello Ryan, I responded to the ads and I never get a shows that I have not replied, what am I doing wrong? Thanks Pete.
    8. eightbanger
      Hello Ryan, I was hoping I could get some possible suggestions from you about some quality upholstery/ custom interior shops in Texas. My plan was to do it myself, but I've hit wall and just want to see my car finished. Can you recommend a solid shop? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks again, Dave
      1. Ryan
    9. pitman
      Just checking in, let me know if you've rec'd an unexpected book. I've sent one to Mikey and Mazooma1, since he's going to B'ville to treat us to more pics. Appreciate any opinion you might share. Jud
    10. justachevyguy
      Hello Ryan...I just wanted to let you know that the HAMB app on my android is not working. I get an error message every time I try to log on.

      I have a Samsung Note 3 fully updated FYI.

      The new site and the app are great BTW!

    11. Flat Roy
      Flat Roy
      Sorry Ryan, nothing that I know of immediately, I'll keep my eyes open.
    12. Dan Boehm
      Dan Boehm
      I just renewed my Alliance and TRJ subscription. Thanks for the deal! FYI: 2013 Alliance expire(s/d) July 1 and my current TRJ is paid into March 2015. I hope that doesn't cause too much confusion.
      Thanks, Dan

      AI order #16240
    13. BeerMoney
      how do I get around this site I was a member og the 52-56 ford social group but now I try to get in the group page it says I don't have permission
    14. southerncad
      I have a '53 Chris Craft runabout powered by a '56 Hemi that I want to sell or trade for a HAMB friendly car. Where or can I post it in the classifieds. By the way, I have spent or more like wasted many hours on 6th Street in the past before I moved to the PNW.
      Thanx, George
    15. vintageauto

      When I log in daily, I'd like to know the last time I was on the forum...the date and time as well. Then I can continue where I left off. This function was part of the old it available now? have I just missed the procedure? Thanks for any info.

    16. bruce bowe
      bruce bowe
      Just wanted to say, I love the new format. I am like everyother person, I'm resistant to change. But I've got to admit, it is great. Excellent job! Thanks for all you do.
    17. cheepsk8
      Ryan, send me the correct address that I can send you $50 to extend my alliance membership. Cant seem to locate it and to whom do I make it payable. Thanks. Cheepsk8
    18. Mindover
      Hi Ryan, I looked for an answer to this but cannot find one. Someone posted the same question below and I followed the link but could not find anything related. My question- Lots of older photos are not showing up in my thread, is this something that you are going to be able to fix? Sorry if I am just being thick and you have answered this a million times before.
      Thanks for a great forum.

      1. Ryan
        We are working on that.
        Jun 9, 2014
      2. Mindover
        Thank you.

        Jun 10, 2014
    19. pimcoBBford
      Hi Ryan, had a purchase go south on me & must have sent it to support. Told me to sent to you but guess I must be computer challenge, cause can't find my way. Would you share a email route.
    20. joel torres
      joel torres
      Hi Ryan remember me. i want to say thanks again. Im doin good since the last time we spoke, everything is much better and im looking forward to get cranking on my projects soon. Talk to you later brother.
      1. Ryan
        Right on brother. That makes me smile.
        Jun 3, 2014
    21. 383deuce
      Not sure if I should post this on here or not. But I just received word that Speedy Bill Smith passed away today. Thought you would like to know this.
    22. Irishjr

      I am confused. With the NEW HAMB, how do I get in touch with someone who has a car for sale? I am very frustrated.

      Jim Ireland, AKA Irish Jr.
      1. Ryan
      2. Irishjr
        Unfortunately, the profile on "67C1027T", who has a T Coupe for sale, does not show a place to "start a conversation" as is shown on the tutorial. I wish there was some other way to get hold of him.
        Jun 1, 2014
      3. Irishjr
        I left a conversation with my e-mail address and was contacted by the seller...not to smooth of a way to work around the system.


        Jun 1, 2014
    23. R. Seghi
      R. Seghi
      How do I bump my ads? Is there a user CP? Confused.
      1. Ryan
      2. R. Seghi
        R. Seghi
        Well I'm guessing that I need to bump my ads by looking in the recent activity log. Otherwise I'm not seeing a Tutorial on that subject.
        Jun 1, 2014
      3. Ryan
        Do me a favor and use the questions and suggestions forum. Thanks, r.
        Jun 1, 2014
    24. southerncad
      I want to trade (or sell) my1953 Chris Craft runabout powered by a '56 Hemi. I would really like to trade it for an early car or truck. Can I post this somewhere, and if so where....?
      If not I understand. Thanks, George PS I'm originally from San Antonio & have spent a lot of wasted time on 6th street in Austin!!!
    25. fiat gasser
      fiat gasser
      Can you tell me why the photos that I have posted in my threads and other peoples threads are no longer there?
      Thank You,
      1. Ryan
        May 29, 2014
    26. Old Tin and New Tin
      Old Tin and New Tin
      Looks like you may have a hiccup in your new system.
      I have received about 8 e-mails from other members in response to your
      January 14, 2014 message with regard to whether they want a 2013 or
      2014 Alliance plaque.
      1. Ryan
        Fixed. Sorry about that.
        May 29, 2014
    27. bondolero
      How do we join a social group or even send a pm to a member ?
    28. Ryan
      Looking for a good, solid, and original Ford Truck - Something from 1935-65... With preferences for 1940/41, 1954-56, and 1957 Ford Trucks.
      1. roosterslucky
        54 f 250
        May 27, 2014
    29. cheepsk8
      Ryan, I keep getting e-mail replies from fellow members about a message I sent you personally last summer. Thought you would like to know. It has to do with last years Alliance Tag, which I received a little later than the message. Thanks
      1. Ryan
        Sorry about that. Fixed.
        May 21, 2014
    30. 2NDCHANCE
      I'm still figuring out the new system. I have a special military plate hanging on my garage wall. call me at 402-719-5594 thanks gary
      1. Ryan
        I'll convo you back tonight.
        May 21, 2014
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    Feb 7, 1976 (Age: 38)
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    Austin, TX
    Hot Rod Media
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    I'm a border war kid - bred in Oklahoma and raised in Texas. The old man thought it would be smart to put me behind the wheel of a race car to not only continue a family tradition, but to keep my ass out of trouble. It didn't work, but it got me where I am today - hell bent on finding myself with my foot down and my tires turning.


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    Skating the same line since 1976
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