12-Second Street Pickup

12-Second Street Pickup

I’ve been at the dentist all morning and I’m not completely certain the laughing gas has worn off. Keep that in mind as I present to you this quaint little ‘T’ pickup owned by Bob Lessman as featured in the January, 1961 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. I began to think of it just as I went under the mask.

I have a thing for both roadster pickups and W-motors… Always have. Chevrolet’s weird motor from the past just looks so complicated, modern, and mechanical to me. It’s always been my favorite (in appearance) GM motor.  And when you stuff one into a little roadster pickup with a viscous rake and swept lake pipes and…

Loose the rear-fenders, chill out with the upholstery, and then call it done. That’s what I would do.

Twelve-second quarter miles to boot!

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