Hotter Spark, Better Sounds

Hotter Spark, Better Sounds

I’ve posted many, many times about my flathead distributor woes here as well as on the forums. Realistically, these problems can be broken down to two sources: 1. Really poor Chinese made point sets. 2. My own stupidity.

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The 1952 Indy 500

Jim Rogacki is an engineer from Buffalo, NY. Like most of his profession, he’s more than a bit detail oriented. As such, rather than rewrite his story I thought it would be best just leave it in his words. Enjoy:

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New Stitches!

New Stitches!

At the first Hot Rod Revolution in 2007, I ran into a perfect little ’32 5-window. It was your quintessential NorCal hot rod – late 40′s/early 50′s style, perfect stance, soul, personality, and history. I studied the details for quite some time, but spent extra care to check out the […]

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Mail Call… Sort Of…

Mail Call… Sort Of…

I didn’t have anything in mind for a post today, so instead I figured I’d just post a bunch of random photos – both new and old… Enjoy or ignore.

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‘Tobacco King’ Rocket Car

‘Tobacco King’ Rocket Car

We’ve talked about Turbonique more than a few times here on The Jalopy Journal as well as on the H.A.M.B., but a user tipped us off on this one (thanks John!) and I had to post it. Zachary Reynolds (of R.J. Reynolds fame) had this car built in the 60′s […]

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The Way It Was

The Way It Was

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of our partnership with Piero and the Mad Fabricator’s Society and with it comes some more very special footage. I’ll let Piero tell the story:

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Coach Built & Lost

Remember Geoff Hacker? He’s the crazy guy that found the tear drop car not too long ago. Well, I got another email from him the other day and it seems as though he has some other interests as well. In fact, he’s doing a book on customs and while researching […]

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Lost In Connecticut

So the basic story is simple enough. Jim Miller was a hot rodder. He owned and ran Miller’s Speed Parts in Hartford, Connecticut from the 1940′s and well into the 1950′s. In the year of 1951, he found himself in an upside down ’50 Ford after rolling his stock car […]

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The Chaparral 2E Sounds Off

Ronnie Low sent over this video late this afternoon and I couldn’t help but post it. The Chaparral 2E established the paradigm for virtually all racing cars built since and remains to be one of Jim Hall’s favorite cars. And who can blame him with a sound like that? The […]

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