Bugatti 100P/110P

So pretty much everything about this Bugatti speedster is off topic, but I had to post it. The shape, the color, the textures, just the idea… It’s rolling (flying?) art primed to inspire.

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1935 Miller/Ford Indy Cars

When you get right down to it, Harry Miller is the most important figure in American racing history. He started meagerly enough – just a small carburetor shop with an incredible staff (Lee Goosen and Fred Offenhauser) and a perfect sense of tune. This sense made the Miller shop a […]

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Custom Ideas: Headlights

Custom Ideas: Headlights

A couple of months ago, we brought you a great little article from Custom Cars magazine that covered the basic custom treatments of ’49 to ’52 Chevy grilles. Today, I thought I’d do something similar focusing on headlight treatments. Dig these photo and captions from Bob Pendergast:

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Rough Drafts & Lessons Learned

A chain reaction occurred that started with me seeing a ’34 coupe in Europe and ended with me reading a stack of books by Batchelor, Montgomery, and Southard. My “personal style” with everything in life has always been more of a subdued and purposeful one. With all of this in […]

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Bonneville Record Breaker

Bonneville Record Breaker

While researching for an upcoming article, I stumbled across the short video above. I’m not sure that an uglier car has ever been made, but even an Avanti is cool on the salt. Plus, 170+ mph isn’t too shabby! The voice-over is classic… Get the latest Flash Player to see […]

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The Style Of Bohn

The Style Of Bohn

In honor of the Friday art show, I thought I would post a variety of Bohn advertisements that I’ve collected over the years. While they aren’t all entirely on-topic, they all do focus on form and shape – something you can never learn enough about. Inspiration fellas…

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Evolution Of Car Logos

My pops sent over this link and I thought you fellas would enjoy it… The evolution of car logos.

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Off Again, On Again…

The October, 1957 issue of Rod & Custom Magazine features one of my all time favorite covers. In fact, the Hemi cutaway actually inspired the Hot Rod Revolution art we did last year. The rest of the issue isn’t half-bad either… Coverage includes first impressions of the injected ’57 Vette, […]

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More On The Coachman

It was an exciting scramble getting yesterday’s post together. While Evel prepared the actual content, I worked on building the media player. We then met in the middle and rolled it all live as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, in all of this excitement we missed a minor detail… Part […]

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