Custom Stainless

Every now and then I like to browse the tech archive and learn a thing or two. This morning I found a little tech piece from “51Gringo” that I must have missed back in December. Cutting, shaping, and welding stainless has always seemed like a project that only the likes […]

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The Best Of… Every Now & Then

So every week or so I like to spotlight a post on the forum that gets me stoked. Just last night I was thinking that I needed to do more of that… And so, this morning I sat down to find a post from the last week that I really […]

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More On Column Mounts

You might remember how I tackled this same problem here. “RustyBucket” took a different approach and I dig it just as much… Check it out. (Edit: Check out part 1 as well!)

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America’s Most Beautiful Roadster

Unless you’ve been hiding under a 24″ billet wheel somewhere, you’ve most likey heard that the Grand National Roadster Show went down this past weekend. Most reports have labeled it as a great show with some killer inventory of all types. Pictures certainly support that (Dig them here, here, here, […]

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The Bob Roddick Story: Part 4

(Editor’s Note: This article is part 4 of a 4 part series. Part 1, 2, 3, & 4.) Essentially, we told the Bob Roddick story as it unfolded. We were presented first with a batch of black and white photography that was followed a few weeks later with all of […]

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Lucky 13

The following is a letter and a series of photos that I received from Charles Heyer. Enjoy the history. Hi Ryan, Thanks for offering to look at my story about my father’s race car. I’ll keep it to the basics. In the early 1930′s, my dad owned a car repair […]

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Zombie’s Wagon

So I’ve actually been looking for a wagon to use as a tow pig for about 6 months now. I think that’s one of the reasons I instantly got that feeling in my stomach when I saw Zombie’s Buick. You know the feeling, right? If not, it’s very similar to […]

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Hal Olen

Long time H.A.M.B. guy, cruzr, takes the time to rap with his elder neighbor and comes away all the better for it. Man, what is it about this time of the year that brings out all of the amazing vintage photography? Check it out.

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Custom Ideas: 1949-’52 Chevies

I think what makes the 1949 to ’52 Chevrolet so special is that they represent a kind of blank canvas at a very reasonable price. These days you can still pick up a nice/solid project for under $5k or a pretty decent driver for under $10k. There just aren’t many […]

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Through the years we’ve had some pretty amazing articles pop up here on The Jalopy Journal. The following is just a few of them:

  • Tom Cobbs

    The story of Tom Cobbs, his legacy, and his hot rod roadster. Read: Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.

  • The Bob Roddick Story

    The story of a set of lost photos that literally take us all back into time. Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4.

  • The Ferrari Shoot

    Comparing and contrasting three very different cars with three very different purposes in life. Read It >>

  • Inspiration

    This post is actually a continuation of two other posts that were written in 2006 (Part 1 & 2). The stuff you guys came up with is breathtaking.

  • Gary Howard

    Gary is one of my heroes and after interviewing him, I got to check off an item from my dream list. Read It >>