Garlits Was A Cowboy

This one seems to have been put together in the late 70′s or so, but there are some great sound bites from Garlits as well as some excellent footage from a late 50′s or early 60′s drag race. The music is terrible. “It’s like being a gunslinger in the old […]

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JB Cochran

JB Cochran (far right) was my grandfather. He ran and operated “Cochran Garage” in Ada, OK for a number of years before passing away at an early age. Many of you have seen the lead photo of this article before, but I’ve never told the story of how I got […]

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Kicking Up Dirt In A CycleKart

“CycleKarts are small, lightweight, nimble machines made by their drivers for the pursuit of motoring sport. They’re not serious speed-machines or status-generating show cars. They’re purely for the gritty fun and satisfaction of tearing around in a machine you’ve built yourself. As a class of driving machine, the CycleKart formula […]

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Merry Christmas!

After doing the family Christmas thing and getting the little fart to bed, I got to work putting all of the “Santa toys” together for her to wake up to. Once complete and under the tree, I had some ducks to get in a row for the Christmas Alliance memberships […]

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Articles Of The Year

So as 2007 comes to a close, I thought it would be interesting to crunch some numbers and list the top 10 posts in the last year on the The Jalopy Journal. Essentially, I took the number of page views and the number of replies and figured their percentage of […]

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The History of Violence

That’s the thing about drag racing… and more specifically, the 1960′s era of the sport… It was dangerous man. More than dangerous, it was absolutely violent. Little to no sophistication behind huge amounts of horsepower. Drivers were passengers. Their right foot controlled whether the game was on or off. Go […]

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A Bed Time Story: Clyde Sturdy

I was laying in bed, half asleep at about 3am this morning. The Military Channel was on wispering a bed time story when I heard the commentator mention¬† a tank driver. The quote went something like this: “Clyde Sturdy was the group’s designated tank commander. He was a hot rodder […]

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Lee Chapel/Tornado Speed Equipment

Here’s a post that was actually started quietly a few months ago, but that has blossomed into something incredible. While Lee’s is just another vintage name today, in it’s time these guys were on the top of the heap. Their cars were fast, their parts were right, and their catalogs […]

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Early Ford Thunderbirds

I’m just gonna put this out there… I’ve never liked the 1955 to ’57 Thunderbirds.¬† It’s not that they aren’t pretty little cars – they are. It’s just that I don’t like the intent in which Ford built them. Chevrolet came out with America’s first sports car and the Europeans […]

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