With the “Day of the Drags” coming up tomorrow, what could be more appropriate than a post entirely about injector scoops? Kiwi Kev rules… Check it out.

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Small Shop Organization

Editor’s Note: This one isn’t entirely on-topic, but I thought it was pretty appropriate for tech week. Originally posted on The Garage Journal. ………………………… So when I moved from Kansas City to Austin, I left behind an ideal shop space where there was room for everything to have its place. […]

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1956/57 Lincoln Continental Mark II

The other day someone asked me a simple question. “What’s your favorite 50′s era FoMoCo body style?” Oddly, I couldn’t come up with an answer right away. Shoebox Fords and 49-to-51 Mercs are on the top of everyone’s list including mine, but they don’t really fit into the mold of […]

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I’ve always considered the early Dragmaster based cars to be amongst the most beautiful drag cars ever. Simple and purposeful, a well built Dragmaster is a shining example of function leading to form. “Kiwi Kev” must think along the same lines as he started the definitive thread on the cars […]

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The Jalopy Journal Garage Sale

Show season is pretty much over for us and as such, we’ve decided to blow out what’s left of our show inventory. To make it easier on everyone, we put together a full custom e-commerce site just for the deed. Water slide decals, H.A.M.B. shirts, event shirts, shirts for the […]

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Bass Boat

Seems like I mention Brian Bass once every couple of months or so… And I guess I do. He is just such a talented guy and each update on his latest project seems to impress me more than the next. This ’49 Chevrolet fastback is going places… His latest entry […]

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Period Tool Kit

You might remember the “boy scout” post from a few months ago. Essentially, Keith Tardel sent me an ammo box full of spare parts to carry on board my a-coupe just in case the inevitable happens. In that post, I mention a second ammo box that carries some basic hand […]

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1963 Rondine Corvette

Before the 1963 Paris Auto Show, Pininfarina decided they wanted to stretch their pencils on an American platform. GM provided them with a brand new ’63 Corvette and the Italians got to work. The result looks like something Frank Sinatra would love… or a big Fiat. In any case, the […]

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Tim Conder

This article was originally published on The Jockey Journal. “Crazy, but true…” Those are the words Conder started and ended our interview with. You see, Tim Conder is the epitome of a renaissance man. He’s a fine artist, a painter, a fabricator, a mechanic, a writer… But most of all, […]

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